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Applicant Name:

Tshering Chophel

Title of Artwork:

The Nature's Armor


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

Our earth's future is in our hands and also in the hands of the nature. The nature and we try our best to protect the earth. The human hand represents us and the wooden hands represents the natures-symbolizing that it is balanced due to harmony between both the nature and human. However, due to our technological advancement-indirectly we are pulling the natures hand away, hence loosing its blessing. The desert land and the ice land symbolizes the consequences of our action to the earth and its environment. The earth's shield is Ozone but we must be the ozone's shield to protect the earth. The human with umbrellas on top of the Natures hand symbolizes us attempting to protect the nature and become the second Ozone (Shield) that protects the earth. the plant growing on top of the earth symbolizes the food and prosperity, while the human sitting below symbolizes the benefits of the Ozone protection. The Sun represents the harm that shall befall upon the earth. The roots below the earth symbolizes growth of earth and its people and perseverance. of the earth to survive the consequences human's action.


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