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Jimin Park

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Along with the Montreal Protocol, the ozone layer and climate of the Earth we protect


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

Since the Montreal Protocol, the amount of ODP/GWP refrigerants that adversely affect the Earth has decreased, and the type has also been changed to better. Through this, the Earth can be protected from the destruction of the ozone layer, and now it is developing in the direction of preventing climate change. This process is expressed as the ozone layer destruction is improving over time using the CFC, HCFC, and HFC numerical graphs. In addition, the CFC, HCFC, and HFC were schematized, resulting in better refrigerant use through the revision of the Montreal Protocol, visualizing that it could reduce HFC, a greenhouse gas, in the future. By gradually expressing the color of the Earth's atmosphere layer in clear colors, it was intended to show that a cleaner and clearer earth could be expected in the future.


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