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Applicant Name:

Adrianne Nicole Sitjar

Title of Artwork:

Let there be shield on earth



Artwork Description

The poster depicts the human initiatives to preserve the ozone on earth. It highlights life on earth. The man symbolizes the people who took care of the environment specifically nurturing and propagating plants for food consumption and mainly to protect the ozone layer from destruction...The positive benifits of ozone is exhibited in the illustration og buildings and significant infrastructures which do not show destructions of the ozone layer but on the developmental aspects of the earth.The negative results are exhibited at the left middleground symbolizes the things people should actually avoid doing or secure human lives and preserve earth after all.The montreal protocol in the form of watering can/container symbolizes its support and initiatives which bring ozone shield and the EARTH to be always the safer place to live in now and for the next generation to come...


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