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Applicant Name:

Minho Jeon

Title of Artwork:

Synergy between the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol (Kigali Amendment)


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

* The submitted work was made as a candidate for 3D + Photoshop. - Voiceover: As we enter into the industrial age of 1750, ODP/GWP rises as opposed to the development of industrial technology, which adversely affects the ozone layer. To prevent this, humans have signed the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol (Kigali Amendment) to greenhouse gas reduction and replacement, and with continued interest and practice, they will be on track to recover by the middle of the century and prevent temperatures from rising up to 0.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. - The synergy between the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol (Kigali Amendment) is creating a leap forward as a replacement for HFCs and future alternatives. It is expressed as a zipper, and the feeling of restoring thickness to the ozone layer by firmly locking the zipper handle (HFO) to the right and ending as a future material that can replace ODP/GWP (Ozone-destroying refrigerant products and production, etc.) to the right.


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