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Applicant Name:

Raniera Ellison

Title of Artwork:

The Cost of Ice Cream


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

This artwork represents the actual cost of those small pleasures we experience in modern life. That the energy and chemicals we use to keep cool are actually a big contributor to ozone depletion and global warming.

To think that the freezer, fridge or air conditioner in your home or office keeping your food or yourself cool. Is actually contributing to melting ice caps.

Having the fridge cutting through the ozone represents the contribution to ozone depletion.

The white paper it the tissue you get to clean up your mess with an ice cream. It represents the effort made to fix/change with the Montreal Agreement.

It also has the things that have contributed to ozone depletion and some of the alternatives we could use to alleviate the pressure we have created on our environment.
This represents the changes made under the Kigali amendment to reduce Hydro fluorocarbons
and a focus on greener energy.

A lot of us have enjoyed a $2 ice cream at wigmores on a Sunday with family and friends laughing and having fun. Creating great memories with our children and the next generation. But have we ever really stopped to think…how much does this ice cream really cost?


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