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Applicant Name:

Tshering Pelden

Title of Artwork:

Ozone - The Unsung Hero



Artwork Description

The ozone layer is a very important element in the atmosphere that acts as a proctective layer, shielding the earth from the harmful UV radiations from the sun. Hence, to prevent it's depletion, the Montreal Protocol was put into place as a global agreement to phase out harmful ozone-depleting substances (ODS) such as hydrofuorocarbons (HFCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) thereby protecting the ozone layer. Over the years, this international agreement has been mainly associated with phasing out ODS, protecting the human health and economy. It has slowly helped the ozone to heal and is one of the most successful treaty to date. However, the Montreal Protocol is so much more than just ozone-protecting laws. Firstly, it contributes to enhancing the energy efficiency in the cooling sector (cold chain and refridgeration), which helps us to keep our vaccines cool. By keeping vaccines between 2 to 8 degrees, they are protecting people from deadly viruses and improving their overall health. In addition, with more affordable systems and better refridgeration, there is a reduction in food loss and waste globally, creating food systems that are stronger, and leading to food security. Lastly, the montreal protocol also works towards combating climate change whereby it helps in reducing harmful substances that not only depletes the ozone layer but also acts as Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) that increases the global temperature. Therefore, the Montreal Protocol does so much more than just protecting the ozone layer - it allows us to find more innovative and sustainable solutions to keep us, our food and vaccines cool!!!
My artwork mainly highlights the achievements of Montreal Protocol over the years, in line with the theme of World Ozone Day (2021) - 'Montreal Protocol - Keeping us, our food and vaccinces cool'.


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