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Applicant Name:

Khaytel Cabanlong

Title of Artwork:

Seed Of Hope: Together We Can Make A Difference


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

This Artwork aims to show that there is something everyone can do to solve the problem of our Ozone and climate change. With small actions, it is already a big help in solving the problem of our nature. By simply minimizing our idustrial processes, limiting the use of airconditioners, and refrigerators is a big help to reduce the causes of ozone depletion.

Our world is very large and it can be said that the partnership between different countries to solve our ozone layer problem is a good result.

Moreover, this artwork also shows the seed which we all have. Young or old, male or female and whatever nationality we belong, we have something to do to help in solving the problem of our mother earth. We are the creators of these problems, specifically the ozone problem and climate change. Therefore, if we can make them, also we can solve them.


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