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Applicant Name:

Shaina Akmad

Title of Artwork:

A Seed of Hope


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

A Seed of Hope

Digital Art: IbispaintX

Each of us has the ability to contribute to save our mother earth through our hands. Planting a tree can greatly help in the gradual change of the world, we know that we are in the modern world where many of the technologies and vehicles have been invented to help man facilitate and improve each other’s lives. But let us not forget that even though our lives are improving because of technology and vehicles, let us still take care of our world, let us not abuse and oppress our world. Believe in the facts that no one else can save the world except god is the humans. We are the ones who are ruining the world and we are the ones who can save it. Let us remember that even a single tree seed is one of our hopes to save our world.


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