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Applicant Name:

Nguyễn Ngọc Xuân Thảo

Title of Artwork:

Children share hands to keep the continuingly cool planet!



Artwork Description

The works shows a scenario of the world’s children mingling with cooling nature. This is also one of the goals for action of the Montreal Protocol. The pictures show the joy and consensus of children around the world taking action to protect the environment: Children are picking up trash, collecting waste; Waste sorting and recycling; Making Eco-brick (compressing used plastic bags into plastic bottles to make reading tables, building flower beds, etc. to contribute to waste treatment at source); Planting trees for help green the earth and reduce CO2 and methane emissions by using bicycles when possible, limit or replace charcoal; Promulgating and spreading beautiful actions (top image). All actions take place inside the green earth with the metaphor of a big old tree, in the hope that everyone, not only children, can see their responsibility and role in protecting the ozone layer, protecting the earth, keeping our planet cool!


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