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Asia Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest

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Our team members are professionals who are passionate about and contributed significantly to Ozone2Climate protection, arts & culture as well as technology.

Dechen Tsering.jpg

Dechen Tsering

UNEP Regional Director and Representative for Asia and the Pacific

              Asia and Pacific Region have played and will continue to play a vital role on the implementation of the Montreal Protocol because about 73% of global usage of ozone depleting substances are being consumed in our region.  On behalf of UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Asia and the Pacific Office, I am pleased to extend this invitation for you to participate in the “Asia-Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest” to demonstrate regionally collaborative efforts to protect the global environment from both ozone depletion and climate change.

Megumi Seki

Executive Secretary, Ozone Secretariat, United UNEP

              The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer is widely recognized as one of the most successful Multilateral Environmental Agreements. It and has universal ratification.  It evolved through the “start and strengthen” approach and right now, about 100 ozone depleting substances (ODSs), plus 18 climate-warming HFCs are controlled under the Protocol. About 99% of ODSs have been phased out, and the phasedown of HFCs has started under the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol. This achievement has been and will be a great contribution to protecting all life on earth, the ozone layer and the climate. Please join the Asia-Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest to spread awareness about the success of the Montreal Protocol, and to protect the environment for our future generation.

Meg Seki 2_edited.jpg
James S. Curlin.jpeg

James S. Curlin

Head of OzonAction

UNEP Law Division

                  On 23 July 2021, the UNEP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific sent a letter to the Ministers of the Asia-Pacific Network countries to invite their countries to participate in the contest. The regional contest will be launched on 16 September 2021 and we recommend the National Ozone Unit include it as part of your national celebration of the World Ozone Day. The contest will be closed on 31 March 2022 and followed by the national and regional evaluation processes. The winners and runner-ups at both the national and regional levels will be announced during the 2022 World Ozone Day celebration. We hope that your country will participate in the contest and we wish you a successful event.

Sonam P. Wangdi

Honorable Secretary,

National Environment Commission,


              The Ozone2Climate Art Contest organized by the UNEP in collaboration with the National Ozone Unit is an opportunity to reflect on our past achievements and further enhance efforts to achieve our common objective in protecting the Ozone Layer and reducing Global Warming.

                  The Competition in the form of photography, drawing and graphic design will showcase the importance of the Ozone Layer and celebrate milestones under the Montreal Protocol in various ways by our youths and the general public.    

This is an opportune time to rededicate our care and cooperation in this global mission.

Vavia Tangatataia - ozone2climate.jpg

Vavia Tangatataia

Acting Director

National Environment Service

Cook Islands

            The Cook Islands are committed to all international environmental treaties related to Protecting the Ozone Layer and Climate Change. The Cook Islands will continue to work with public and private stakeholders to ensure all obligations are met under the Montreal Protocol and other international environmental treaties. 


        The Government of the Cook Islands is pleased to be a part of The “Asia-Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest”. This is a great opportunity for our people to contribute to the Ozone Layer Protection and Climate Change mitigation. Please join us in the contest to share your ideas on the Montreal Protocol with other Parties.

The Honourable Dato' Sri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Minister of Environment and Water, Malaysia

            Malaysia ratified the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol on 29 August 1989 Various efforts have been made by the Government of Malaysia to reduce and eliminate the use of Ozone Depleting Substances, including technology transfer programs, training and capacity building, policy management, enforcement of regulations and implementation of communication, education, and public awareness programs on the importance of ozone layer protection. Let us together continue our efforts to protect the ozone layer and reduce the impact of climate change through the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment.

             This year, together with UNEP, we are organizing the Ozone2Climate Art Contest where the winner will represent Malaysia to compete in the Asia Pacific Region. I urge all talented Malaysians to come and join the contest, to share your ideas and awareness on the Ozone and Climate issues.

Minister Malaysia.png
Honorable Andrew R. Yatilman.jpg

Honorable Andrew R. Yatilman

Department  of  Environment, Climate Change, and Emergency Management Federated States of Micronesia

          The Federated States of Micronesia ratified the Kigali Amendment on 12 May 2017 to join the global community to address the protection of the ozone layer and ways to tackle climate change. The implementation of the Montreal Protocol could not be achieved without support from the general public. 


          The “Asia-Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest” provides great opportunity for our people to contribute to the ozone layer protection and climate change mitigation.  Please join us in the contest to share your ideas on the Montreal Protocol with other Parties.  One Ozone One Planet.

Dr. Abdulla Nasseer

Maldives’ State Minister of  Environment, Climate Change and Technology

              "Montreal Protocol is one of the most successfully protocols signed globally. To celebrate the success of the Montreal Protocol, UNEP had decided that the day the protocol was signed, 16th September, is to be celebrated as the World Ozone Day. 


              This year’s theme for the Ozone Day is “Montreal Protocol – Keeping us, our food and vaccines cool”. Montreal Protocol has helped to reduce the global warming levels, and encourages energy efficiency in cooling systems. This in turn helps to store our food safely and helps to transport and store vaccines until it is required for use. 


             For this year’s World Ozone Day, UNEP has introduced an art contest. For the national level of this contest, the 1st place candidates for all the categories will be given cash prizes. Further details regarding the contest will be uploaded to the Ministry’s social media accounts. 


              On behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, I would like to send World Ozone Day greetings to everyone."

Dry Plants


Undersecretary for Policy, Planning and International Affairs

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

       The Republic of the Philippines is serious about fulfilling its commitment to two important international environmental agreements: first is the Montreal Protocol, a 35-year-old global agreement to protect the ozone layer by phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), and second the Kigali Amendment on the control of consumption, management, and disposal of Hyrdoflourocarbons (HFCs) to help mitigate climate change and global warming.

            Ever since the Philippines became a party to the Montreal Protocol, the government, through the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (EMB-DENR), has dedicated its efforts and resources by effectively taking out the use of identified ODS from the market. The government recognizes the vital role of the public for the success of this endeavor by educating the consumers on the harsh effect of these substances on the ozone layer, the rise of the global temperature, and how to methodically control and manage the use and disposal of these substances.

         Activities such as the Ozone2Climate Art Contest are an excellent venue for us to inform and educate our citizens about their social responsibility in addressing this global environmental issue. We highly encourage the public, especially the youth, to join this contest and share their talents in expressing their creativity in visual art.

         For more information, instruction, and updates, please visit the contest website at, the EMB website at, and the EMB Central Office Facebook page at


Gunther JOKU

Managing Director

Conservation & Environment Protection Authority

              Papua New Guinea has been an active member of the Montreal Protocol since October 27, 1992. We joined the global community in support of the movement to save and protect the Ozone Layer, to reduce global warming, and address the effects of climate change. The implementation of the Montreal Protocol could not be entirely achieved without the support of the people.

           The Papua New Guinea National Ozone Unit under the Conservation & Environment Protection Authority alongside implementation partners; GIZ Proklima in collaboration with UN Environment Program is privileged to host the Asia Pacific Regional Art Contest at the National Level.

            A great platform to get our people involved by contributing and sharing their ideas on Ozone Layer protection and climate change mitigation as a nation who is a party member, to reflect on past achievements, and appreciate present efforts in achieving a common goal.

        Visit the website and enter the contest to make a difference. Pitch and share your ideas on saving the Ozone Layer that shields the Earth from harmful UV radiation. Protect the Ozone Layer – Protect Life!

Adorable Chick

Alex Rendell

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Education Center (EEC) and

UNEP National Goodwill Ambassador for Thailand  

         We invite everyone to join the Asia Pacific #Ozone2Climate Art Contest to learn more about the issue that is critical to our lives and our well-being.  Please share your ideas on how ozone depletion and climate change can be solved, so together we can continue to protect our ozone layer and cool down our planet’s temperature.

Alex Rendell.jpg
Minister URTNASAN N_edited.jpg

H.E. Ms. URTNASAN Nyamjav

Member of the Government of Mongolia

Minister of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia

         Mongolia is continuously implementing the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer with support of the public and private sectors as well as the international community to phase-out the usage of ozone depleting substances that are mainly used in refrigeration, air-conditioning and foam manufacturing sector in Mongolia by 67.5 percent in 2025.

             As a party to the Montreal Protocol, the Government of Mongolia is pleased to be a part of this regional event by organising the “Asia-Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest” at the national level and excited to participate in the contest with other regional parties to exchange ideas on issues that are critical to our lives. May the ozone layer be recovered, the Global Warming reduced and humanity abide in peace.

Fakaalofa Lahi Atu

Director – Department of Environment

Environmental Governance/ Biodiversity/

Climate Change/Waste Management

Niue GEF Operational Focal Point (GEF – OFP)

Ministry of Natural Resources, Government of Niue

              Niue is a Party to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, having acceded to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol in December 2003. Niue has successfully phased-out consumption of CFCs since 2011 and has been actively working to meet its HCFC phase-out commitments. Niue has ratified all five of the Amendments to the Montreal Protocol including the Kigali Amendment on the 16th of April 2018, which was adopted by the 28th Meeting of Parties to the Montreal Protocol on 15 October 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda.

           The Asian Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest provides great opportunity for our young generations to contribute to protect the ozone layer protection and Climate change mitigation. Please join us in the contest to share ideas and knowledge on the Montreal Protocol with the Parties to protect the ozone layer for our future generation.

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