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Applicant Name:

Yoomi Bae

Title of Artwork:

the record of ozone


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

It is a graphic design work with digital drawing techniques that visually expresses the morning record. It is designed so that you can see at a glance the actions and results to protect the ozone layer in the climate crisis. The process, present, and positive future are listed on the left, starting with the Vienna Convention in 1985, the Montreal Protocol in 1987, and the revision of Kigali in 2016. Against the backdrop of the intense sun and ozone residual graphs, we marked the completely decommissioned ODS and the scheduled or reduced ODS by time, especially the completely decommissioned ODS, which was removed from the Earth and disappeared around the Earth. ODS, which is scheduled to be completely decommissioned or being reduced, was visualized as being pushed out or broken out of the triangular glass symbolizing the ozone layer. Through this, we wanted to show the hot Earth and the broken ozone layer recovering again, and we expressed the safe movement of food and vaccines through cold chains and the harmony of humanity and nature.


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