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Applicant Name:

Luke Trego

Title of Artwork:

Our Earth Our Responsibility


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

Mother Sun: Her ray reach out throughout the galaxy and have been since the dawn of time. A woman’s face is depicted in the sun’s image, this displays woman making a change in the world. Mother Earth: She is crying internally due to the pollution that her children (humankind) has done to her over time. Although she is emotional sore inside, her physical and outer body depicts that she will not show weakness, no matter what. In a metaphorical sense, it shows that there is still good in the world and a good example of this is our women making a change in the world. Ozone Protector: The upside-down chemical symbol for Ozone represents the pollution caused by humankind and the greenhouse gasses, which causes a crack in the ozone layer making Mother Earth vulnerable to the sun’s radiation. On the other hand, there is the actual Ozone chemical symbol, which shows that humankind can still make a change to stop Mother Earth from hurting. The background designs represents where I come from; my culture, my heritage and that we are doing our part here in the Cook Islands, to make a change.


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