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N.M.Sudeeka Kristeen

Title of Artwork:

Let the montreal to talk to the nation(my title)



Artwork Description

My Age category - General Category
Description - I have drawn an artwork as a poster which can use to talk public and give brief idea in one time about both of ozone and Montreal protocol.in this drawing I needed to highlight main two things as (1)how ozone layer depletion happen anthropometrically (2) why we need to protect ozone layer and how can do it and the role of MOntreal protocol to protect ozone layer.
you can see the right side of my drawing as how ozone layer deplete anthropometrically by the emission of CFC, HCFC, Helons and other ozone depletion gases, How do the climate change effect on this scenario like global warming. I've drawn the earth as it crying by showing global warming (as melting) at the same time (please look the earth right side as a side view. in this side I wanted to express hoe we destroy ozone layer and what will happen to the earth if the ozone lost .

in the left side of my drawing I tried to express that how we can protect ozone as by preventing CFC,HCFC and other GHG emissions and I draw how do we can do it by following SDG goals in Green concept .if you look the left side in side view you can see I've drawn it as it's smiling by seeing it's healing.

in the top of the drawing I tried to express that how mother ozone protect her child earth even though people hurt het by their careless anthropometric work.In there I show how ozone deplete. and how ozone work to protect us

the bottom of the drawing I used to express What is Montreal protocol and hoe nations put hands together to achieve it.and how it work still since 1987 to protect ozone layer.

as a whole idea, we know there are people in the society that some are well aware about what is ozone and the importance of protecting it and the role of Montreal to protect it but some people don't have much awareness about this concept. In my drawing I wanted to talk both type of those people via my drawing and give them the idea ,why should we must protect the ozone to make better future.


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