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Applicant Name:

Arfaa Ilyas

Title of Artwork:

Piecing together a better future


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

Software used: Adobe Illustrator
Theme: Achievements, actions, Benefits to ozone layer protection and climate change attributed to Vienna convention, the Montreal protocol including Kigali amendment.

Using Adobe Illustrator, the pictorial image is representation of Isometric Perspective of the Earth. With the concept of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, which here represents the efforts of different countries trying in their capacity to fulfil the obligations of climate change action i.e. to protect Earth and preserve its shrinking Ozone layer. All Puzzle Pieces have been reflected as invisible protective layer which is Ozone Layer. Whereas, by having a look at the middle piece its very clear that without Ozone, our Earth would be scorched with powerful radiations from sun, also burnt and without life. The middle piece without the protection of ozone, represents a discolored barren land poisoned by the harmful rays of the sun. It shows how dismal the world would look like being stripped off of the beautiful lush greens of nature.
Rest of Puzzle pieces representing Ozone layer that is meant to preserve Earth, its life and its beauty, and it also helps cool down the Earth by preventing harmful rays penetrating the Earth. On the lush green fields, we are able to enjoy peaceful days and enjoy the sun without getting harmed by its radiations. The greens on land represents growth and healing of our earth and serene water shows what life is like under the protective layer of ozone.


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