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Applicant Name:

Pamela Moeana Mitchell
DoB: 52/12/2007
Age: 14
Contact No: 76273
Email: josh.mitchell@cookislands.go.ck
Island: Rarotonga
School: Tereora College

Title of Artwork:

Te Metua Vaine



Artwork Description

My painting is called 'Te Metua Vaine'. It is a representation of our world, symbolised by Mother Earth (Te Metua Vaine) trying to protect our Earth, 'Te Ipukarea' from the Sun's radiation. She is depicted as pushing the sun's ultraviolet
rays back through the Ozone barrier, but in the meantime, behind her our Earth is suffering the effects of climate change through pollution, deforestation and
fire, cyclones/tsunamis and glacial melt.

I have used a dark palette, acrylic paint on canvas, to create a somber and foreboding feeling, and to convey the
existential threats we face as a planet.


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