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Applicant Name:

Vishmika Weeraman

Title of Artwork:

Brown shade life



Artwork Description

Brown shade life
Baby begins its life with parents' protection,
the plant begins its life with nature protect,
Earth is the mother for each and every protectant,
Brown is the beginning of life on the earth.........
Tree shade cools the living body,
Sunrise heats the living body,
Sunshine glows on the living body,
Life shines on the earth's body.......
living to love nature,
Love for living nature,
life starts the nature,
Protect lovings of nature..........
Ozone clouds will shade the earth,
brown plant baby mature to green,
end of plant life regain brown,
color of life begins will shade the end of life......
Green life gift of Ozone,
Earth's mother's warm gift of Ozone,
protect ozone warm for life to live,
Live to love nature give........


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