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Saving the ozone is saving the earth



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Today, due to the development of science and technology,overpopulation, human has increased pressure on the environment, causing the earth to be damaged . Global warming, and ice melting in the arctic progress with more intense pace.Other kind of disaster such as floods, droughts, smog and acid rain, epidemics occur with higher intensity and frequency. Ozone layer is one of human victim caused by the overusing CFCs, which is a gas that have coolant equipment such as air conditioner or refrigerator .It Cause te ozone layer protecting the Earth deplete and, especially in Africa and the two artics in the past. The ozone layer that protects the earth is just as important as the skin that protects people. It helps to block the ultraviolet rays of the sun's radiation from reaching the Earth, and has the effect of filtering harmful UV rays that are dangerous to the environment and causes cancer in humans .The Ozone hole was first found in 1979 by NASA, and since then, humans have always sought to close the hole such as seeking more sustainable alternatives. Fortunately, the solution has proven suceed and start to show concrete results.However, we should stay aware about ozone layer as ignorant and recklessness can turn this positive result turn into nothing. Let's invest in education and raising awareness for better understanding about the importance of protecting the Ozone layer so that everyone understands that protecting the ozone layer is also protecting their own lives.


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