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Applicant Name:

Muhammad Zikria Faiz

Title of Artwork:

Kiagali Amendment.



Artwork Description

Title: Avoid gas explosion.
Dated: 31 March 2022.
This photograph depicts a major gas connection fitted beside a road. Many developing countries have this sort of gas connection at street level and I want to create awareness among public round the globe that the gas connections by the respective gas authorities should not be fitted along the road because in case of an accident or leakage, the gas molecules will it unprecedentedly causing harmful hydrocarbon gases including Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to disperse into clean environment; and then once getting into the environment,it will decrease the ozone layer in the stratosphere. Moreover, the garbage as shown in the photograph is also burnt near gas connection which not only cause global warming but it also poses a serious threat to gas explosion at any time.
Under the above mentioned circumstances, the gyas authorities should build gas connections in proper gas departments in every country.


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