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Applicant Name:

Ayden Ngai

Title of Artwork:

Taking good care of our paradise



Artwork Description

The meaning of the picture that i drew is that one side of the paper is a one dollar coin, the other half is a coconut that produces leaves. The half of the one dollar coin is how we use money to buy things then we turn it into rubbish, the we start burning them, cars, and boats uses gas that cost money.
Bucket of pain and also science experiments costs money.
These are all the things in my picture destroying the ozone, this is not taking good care of our paradise.
The other side of the paper is all natural things in teh sea and on land. On land of course there ar coconut trees, mountains, goats a beautiful blue sky, and as you see there is a pot on the fire, this is not bad smoke, just natural smoke, burning wood, and nice fresh clean water, flowing from the mountain. In teh sea we can see a man on his wooden boat, you see this boat does not have an engine it has a paddle, we can also see fish, a turtle, a whale and an octopus, a eel, sea weed, corals, clam shells and sea-food - the water is not polluted, its clear, its dark blue, its not destroying the ozone , it is not harming anything on land and in the ocean.
Let be a lesson to all people try not to destroy our paradise, let us take good care of it just like protecting our paradise, protect the people and the ozone.


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