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Applicant Name:

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Title of Artwork:

Climate Crisis



Artwork Description

A young girl digs deep into soil saturated with salt water, hoping to find logs to burn as fuel. Two years from Cyclone Aila, Bangladesh's southwest coastline communities are starting to rebuild their lives. In the course of the cyclone, which struck in May 2009, surges of water up to three meters high battered the coast along the Bay of Bengal in Khulna district. It was already weakened by Cyclone Sidr, the worst ever in the region. Aila needed a tiny hit to destroy the defenses. Global warming seems to have a more severe impact on certain countries than others because it affects the world climate. An immediate effect of global warming is the increased natural disasters like storm surge and flood, while sea-level rise is a slow yet inevitable process. Bangladesh, the largest delta of the world, is a direct victim of global warming. An increase in natural disasters like cyclones and oceanic tidal waves affects Bangladesh's coastal area. The coastal lowlands of this country have inhabitant of millions who, ironically, are dependent on the sea for their livelihood. Thus, Bangladesh is one of the scapegoats of climate change, a direct function of global warming.

Place: Gabura Union, Satkhira, Bangladesh


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