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Applicant Name:

Aliyah Brianna Camu

Title of Artwork:

"The Exhibition of Healthy Life"



Artwork Description

Through the past years, they found a solution or steps to protect the ozone layer by preventing of used of ozone depleting chemicals that damage the ozone layer.

The poster explains to us that we should unite to help our environment. The positive benefits of ozone is exhibited in the illustration of buildings and significant infrastructures. The lungs simplify as nature because if our environment is healthy then we human that lives on earth is also healthy, also we can prevent the negative results that can destroy our ozone layer that we can see in my drawing, the man had a collision to all things that can be harmful and the roller coaster which represents the UNEP that they are creating a way to maintain a healthy environment.

The montreal protocol in the form of lungs shows how big the impact of the ozone layer not just the environment but also all the living organisms.


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