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Applicant Name:

Youbin Seo

Title of Artwork:

Together the better


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

We had time to rethink about the environment, about the Earth, on the theme of World Ozone Layer Protection Day. The Earth gave us a precious home. However, many parts have been damaged by the ruthless use of humans and have come to a point where it is hard to undo. There is a belief that there will be no more pollution and damage if men and women of any race, old and old, work together to restore the planet. There are many meanings in my work. It uses five skin colors to protect the Earth in the sense that it requires the efforts of various races. It also implies that through our protection, the Earth must now create an environment that is free of pollution and damage, like turtles that swim freely through the sea. If the ozone layer doesn't exist, there will be no more beautiful images of the Earth that we live on. We must protect the Earth, which has given us a beautiful life through various ways of protecting the environment. To do so, it means that we can dream of a better future only when we all practice together, not individuals.


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