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Applicant Name:

Pimmanas Charatphed

Title of Artwork:

Together in Saving



Artwork Description

The first prominent aspect you notice in my painting is the difference between the blue sky filled with nature and the section of red in the middle representing the effects of what the lack of ozone does to the earth. This is to give a contrast of what our world could be like if we don't help save the atmosphere versus what is currently our world now that is needed to be saved. The people stacking on top of each other is to represent the world all working together in order to heal the ozone layer; seen on the very top there is an individual pulling the blue sky in order to close the gap in the atmosphere. The monsters in front are a personification of chemicals that are essentially obstacles to us trying to close this "gap". This along with the symbol of the Montreal Protocol on the sign are both references to the banning of chemicals from the protocol. The two individuals seen in front are a scientist and politicians, showing that these two occupations are of importance in solving the issue. The polar bear on the chemical tank is to show another effect of this ruined environment; animals' natural habitats had been destroyed.


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