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Applicant Name:

Saehyang O, Jooyeon Yun, Changjun Han

Title of Artwork:

Are you safe living in the ozone layer?


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

We recorded our lives, policies, and efforts to live inside the ozone layer, and at the same time notified information such as ozone depletion materials and the Montreal Protocol, and created the efforts we are currently keeping as if we were building a layer using isometric techniques. Starting with the U.N.'s ozone protection, we worked in detail to convey the point that the large ozone layer lives under protection, including the need for the ozone layer, which has a positive impact on nature and our lives, and the bottom line is our social representation. Through this poster, we are aware of the information on the ozone layer and the Montreal Protocol, and we are aware of the various efforts related to it, and we plan to continue to pay more attention and activities to the efforts to protect the ozone layer. (Team members: Oh Se-hyang, Yoon Ju-yeon, Han Chang-joon)


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