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The global warming has been a topic of debate for years. It is an issue that has been studied over the past few decades and there are some who believe that it is a natural phenomenon and there are others who believe that it is man-made.
So here, I made this picture to tell you about how people attack earth to make it become warming.
The global warming discussion has now become a very heated one because of the different views on its causes. Those who believe that it is man-made say that humans have caused this change in the climate by burning fossil fuels which emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are also those who say that we should not be too quick to blame humans for this because there may be other factors involved in causing this phenomenon like solar activity or even volcanic eruptions.
So have you ever think about how to protect YOU and natural. Plants trees may be the first step you could do. Forest and trees nowadays may go up to 13 billion hectare. Or in our life, please stop using plastic bag now because do you now what will happen when animal eat that? So DON’T DELAY ANY MORE. Act for YOU, Earth and natural. Think about what natural have brought to us.


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