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Applicant Name:

Thaniya Yohuang

Title of Artwork:

The Cracks


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

This image was created when I looking for information on the impact of our planet had no ozone to protect it. The article states that without ozone, humans are at risk of becoming It is more easily 'cataract' because it is caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays in the eyes. In addition, I have problems with my eyesight. Therefore, I feel that just being short-sighted, looking at everything is blurry, it makes life as inconvenient as others. Cataracts are even more painful.
This image is therefore a reminder of the importance and impact of ozone. that if one day the protective shield that envelops the world as it is today cracks 'How terrifying will we humans have to suffer?'.


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