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Applicant Name:

Shawn-Michael Edwin

Title of Artwork:

Global Healing



Artwork Description

My art piece is a drawing entitled Global Healing with a theme of “Keeping us, food, and vaccines cool”. The drawing consists of a centerpiece of a person, a child, the youth of the future. The child is split in the center which symbolizes the future of our people. If we don’t do anything about our ozone layer/climate change, we would end up like the right side of the drawing, unprotected by the UV rays, heat, and sooner or later death. Included on the right side of the art, we have burned up dead trees, drought, and the water dripping is symbolizing the ice melting. The left side symbolizes our future if we continue to take care of the earth and ozone layer. The Earth will be cooler, food begins to prosper, life will be harmonious and we all live in peace. On the left side, we have the abundance of food to feed our global hunger, vaccines kept cool for our protection from upcoming viruses, and the earth, a home for all. May this drawing be a symbol to everyone, a symbol of hope for all. That we may continue to take care of the ozone layer, for the future, our people, our home.


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