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Applicant Name:

Minhyeok Choi

Title of Artwork:

All we need is Ozone


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

This is a poster that was created to convey the Montreal Protocol with the theme of protecting the ozone layer. The head copy said, "What we all need is ozone," and the middle copy said, "We can only live under the ozone layer." The body copy wrote that thanks to the Montreal Protocol, we were able to protect the ozone layer, which must be preserved to allow life to live. In the case of the image, we put green fields and forests in the alphabet O. O here means the ozone layer. We also put the Montreal Protocol inside O to mean that the ozone layer was protected by Montreal's sentiment. Next to O, I wanted to write "zone" to convey the meaning of "zone," and the image shows that "zone" is suitable and safe for life. Other than O, it showed land where life was no longer viable due to strong ultraviolet rays. Through this work, I hope many people will be interested in Montreal's sentiment and continue to take the lead in protecting the ozone layer.


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