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Applicant Name:

Ashirbad Das

Title of Artwork:

Ozone for life



Artwork Description

Ozone layer is Earth's protective layer. Ozone layer surrounds the Earth's surface. Ozone layer plays a vital role for protecting human beings & animal as it protects them from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays coming from the sun. Several steps have been taken by mankind to protect the ozone layer from depletion. The main cause of depletion of it is CFC (Chloroflurocarbon). After the discovery of ill effects of release of CFC in the atmosphere, in 1973 a treaty called Montreal Protocol was signed by many countries all around the world. UV rays may cause sun burns, skin cancers, eye cataracts, etc. It can also weaken the immune system of human beings. Hence every individual should be well aware of the harmful effects of all the causing agents of ozone layer depletion like CFC, plastics, fossil fuel, etc and should reduce and avoid using them. We all should pledge to preserve nature and make the world sustainable for everyone to live.


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