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Applicant Name:

Giuliana Jami Carandang

Title of Artwork:

Nature's New Normal



Artwork Description

Environmental destruction has been a serious global concern for decades as our ecosystem continues to suffer from severe damages caused by mankind. There have been numerous conservation efforts both by private and public sectors worldwide which have helped improve the condition of our nature but still, these are undeniably insufficient.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our environment in a global scale. This period may have been earth's much-needed break, the halt from massive human pressures it definitely deserve to recuperate. The lockdowns, travel restrictions, adjustments in work schedules, and closure of industries, schools and airlines, to name a few, have initiated positive impacts as result of the reduction in human social and economic activities directly and indirectly affecting the natural ecosystem. There has been sudden drop of pollution which has improved the air and water quality and decrease in greenhouse gas emission due to lessened fossil fuel usage. The lands have turned greener and the seas have become bluer as life started to flourish once again.

As we realize how badly damaged the earth has been through the beauty it has regained during this pandemic, we have learned and now, motivated more than ever, to take measures and be involved personally at the comforts of our homes. By practicing the 3Rs of waste management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – all together we will be able to maintain our nature’s new normal state.


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