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Applicant Name:

Truong Minh Dien

Title of Artwork:

cause of drought



Artwork Description

Indiscriminate deforestation causes the loss of groundwater resources leading to the depletion of water resources. Drought has great impacts on the environment, economy, socio-political and human health. Drought is the cause of poverty, disease, and even war due to water conflicts. Drought affects the environment such as destroying plant species, animal species, wild populations, reducing air and water quality, causing forest fires, and soil erosion. These effects can be long-lasting and irreversible. Drought affects socio-economics such as reducing crop yield, reducing planted area, reducing crop production, mainly food crop. Increase the cost of agricultural production, reduce the income of agricultural labor, increase the cost and prices of food. Reduce the total value of livestock products. Hydroelectric power plants face many difficulties during operation. In Vietnam, drought occurs in one region or another with different levels and durations, causing great damage to the socio-economic, especially water resources and agricultural production.


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