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Applicant Name:

Senudi Chithulima Kariyawasam

Title of Artwork:

Save the ozone layer



Artwork Description

The ozone layer, as far as I know, a canopy, that prevents the sun's harmful rays from reaching the earth. The ozone layer is being destroyed by human activity. The layer can be damaged due to various fumes and gases. Simply put, if the ozone layer is damaged, the effect will be very adverse. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, a place where people can live, surrounded by trees, flowers, and fauna. The world cannot be allowed to be destroyed. All of us living in this world differ in race, religion and language, but we all run the same blood. Also, this world is an asset that we all inherit. Therefore, we must all protect this world without dividing all races, languages, rich and poor. The ozone layer is then automatically preserved. Then the ozone layer will protect us too.


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