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Applicant Name:

Elysa Julian

Title of Artwork:

Our World, Our Care


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

This artwork is about us, humans, that lived in this earth. This world is ours and we should take care of if. Although we have different languages, different nationalities and different personalities, we need to protect our world.
As individuals, we should do things that are friendly to nature such as using less vehicle, recycle and more.
In economy, production industry should make product that are safe to enviroment. For example, industries that emit gas need to have air filters.
Other than that, we should promote cooperation among nations by exchanging information or the effect of human activities on the ozone layer. In the same time, making a global agreement to protect the stratosphonic ozone layer by phasing out the production and consumption of ozone-depleting subsctance.
Conclusion, all party need to work together so our world can be protected.


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