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Applicant Name:

Pathitta Liengsomboon
Pimmanee Pratanaphon

Title of Artwork:

Save Zone



Artwork Description

This name was created by combining two words, ’save’ and ’zone’, which stand for save and protect ozone, respectively. It can also be read as a ‘safe zone’, similar to the area in the world that is protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Which the earth is ozone-protected.

The image depicts a youngster holding a sprout that leads to a seated soul and the world at the top of the image. Children are similar to individuals that live on this planet. The sapling the youngster is clutching is representing a local product, which most of them are made from natural resources, which the sapling represents using a local product can help to prevent ozone depletion, whereas the soul is like a fading ozone layer. Then, above them, a figure of the world shined with the same aura as both of the kid and soul. As you see in the image the spirit ozone is present himself to be older than the child. It's similar to a parent caring for their own child for the rest of their life and their lifespan is shortened by their child's actions. When a little kid hands his parents a seedling with a smile, it represents a child who is proud of himself for having accomplished something and wants to show it to their parents.


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