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Applicant Name:

Jungwoo Park

Title of Artwork:

What we need to stop is ourselves



Artwork Description

On the left, there is a person who blocks and on the right, there is a person who throws the plastic bottle. They look the same. On the right is probably what we all are now. Maybe it's the same in the distant future. But we'll eventually turn to the left. The PET bottle we threw in the past will be a disaster that we must prevent in the future. If you look to the right, he's smiling and throwing a plastic bottle in a standing position. On the left, we're using our whole body to prevent it. Maybe we should stop ourselves, not the ultraviolet rays, the harmful substances that destroy the ozone layer. The Earth will someday hold us accountable for our actions. But it's still preventable. Bring the dying sprouts to life by putting water in a plastic bottle right now. Then our future will sprout like the sprouts on the left.


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