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Applicant Name:

Rigsel Toffy

Title of Artwork:

"Through the lens of the world."



Artwork Description

“Through the lens of the world”
I am Rigsel Tobgay Toffy, 13 years old, studying in Grade 8, Changangkha Middle secondary school, Thimphu, Bhutan. I follow Greta Thunberg [climate activist], I watch NAS Daily’s videos and support the concept of our country’s Gross National Happiness
If I put my understanding of climate change and ozone depletion after listening and watching about it and present it in a pictorial manner. I present my art “Through the lens of the world.”
I question everyone, why? After witnessing every cause and effect of climate change faced by the world. People hardly balance nature and pollution. That is why I put a question mark presented by a small green plant in the middle of my art surrounded by lots of pollution due to the urge for money.
One of our Gross National Happiness pillars are
• conservation of the natural environment.
• sustainable and equitable socio-economic development.
So, our country is guided by GNH pillars and has a high contribution towards environment conservation and ozone depletion.
Lastly, I would like to pass a massage “Together we can make a difference for the better world.”


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