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Applicant Name:

Dennise Nanai

Title of Artwork:

Ozone Depletion


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

The overall theme of the piece is showing the current and future state of the earth. The earth is displayed as an egg, and the ozone layer as the egg shell as they have similar qualities in mind. There is a foreshadowing of the almost cooked egg of what will happen to the earth without the ozone layer. The objects surrounding the pan represent some of the things contributing to the damage such as the cigarettes (smoke), and the things that would be damaged such as the decayed fruit (pear). I added the facemasks to include our vaccines and diseases to the general picture. Fire cooking the egg to exaggerate the heat of what could happen and its effect on the "egg”. There is also meaning to the person cracking the eggshell, to show that we are part of the problem that damages our ozone.


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