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Applicant Name:

Danbi Kim, Yoobin Kim

Title of Artwork:

Sina bro



Artwork Description

Sinabro, "A little by little while you don' Our lives are being destroyed by Sinav. We tried to personify and express with a Lego model that our bodies and lives are collapsing due to the indiscriminate use of Freon gas including hairspray. The melting of Lego is caused by the rise in the Earth's surface temperature due to the destruction of the ozone layer. The appearance of a smiling person may feel somewhat bizarre, as if he or she doesn't even know his or her face is melting. Although we pass by without knowing the seriousness because we are invisible, every act we feel is destroying our daily lives even at this moment. This problem has been accelerated by people's complacency and neglect. Now is a time when it is urgent to practice directly beyond the stage of recognizing the problem. As it is a problem caused by the substances we release without being alert, we tried to contain that the outlook for mankind is a task that we must solve ourselves in the future.


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