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Applicant Name:

Alan George Nanai

Title of Artwork:

Ozone Depletion


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

The Earth is sick but it's hard for him to recover because of the heat from the lamp (sun) and a very worn out blanket (ozone layer). Tally marks on the cupboard to show time is of the essence to save our ozone. There are objects scattered on the cupboard which represents some things that affect the ozone layer: matchbox (bad chemicals), snow globe of factories and ashes as the "snow", lamp to represent the heat shining on the earth. The images drawn on the cupboard are things that can be effected if the ozone is not protected. Such as our food, vaccines, animals, people & nature. They are put on the drawers to show a sense of cool and safe storage away from the lamp. The cold cloth on the Earth's head is to show our efforts in helping him recover.


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