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Applicant Name:

Aiman Zahra
Amna Sajjad
Aqsa Bibi

Title of Artwork:

Protection of Ozone layer



Artwork Description

SOS Children's Village Islamabad.

Afreen (I can explain in the picture how to protect an ozone layer. Do not throw the rubbish on the land and throw in the bin. Do not burn the plastic and rubbish the smoke form it make the ozone layer dirty. Plant trees more and more because it can protect ozone layer.)

Aiman Zahra (I have made some things to tell that how can we protect ozone layer. When you cut trees you can plant more trees in the place of them otherwise there were not any trees in the world. Try to avoid deforestation or also try to avoid air pollution. Don’t through rubbish in any place try to use dustbin and also try to avoid land pollution. If we follow these points then we can protect the ozone layer.)

Amna (Don’t cut trees and try to grow more plants. Try to through rubbish in the bin. Make a hole in a ground and through rubbish in it.)

Anmol (Don’t cut the tree because the rays of sun are dangers for Earth but trees can protect the Earth.)

Aqsa Bibi (Do not throw the rubbish on the land, throw it in the bin. Do not cut the trees and try to plant more trees. Electric cars are good rather than petrol cars because there is no smoke so there is less air pollution. If we do that then we will save ozone layer.)


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