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Applicant Name:

Pitomai Solomona

Title of Artwork:

Help Lady O Protect Our Future



Artwork Description

The photos taken are from my own IPhone 13 Pro Max of our farm, of Honeymoon islet and some of my students from our environmental hike group that join me every fortnight to explore our little island. The story behind my entry into this competition. I entitled my poster HELP LADY O(Ozone) PROTECT OUR FUTURE and used the main photo of our family farm THE GOODWAY FARM. Our farm is based around the REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURAL practices.
This agricultural practices is known to use agricultural methods that is known to reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity which helps to carbon presence in the soil and also improve the water cycle. We all know that our planet is
being affected by the increase of carbon emissions into the atmosphere through years of human activities. Lady O or Ozone is depleting and more and more UV rays are entering our atmosphere causing global warming. As you can see in the main photo our farm had to invest in garden nettings not only to protect the plant from pest but from long exposure to the sunlight. This should have been the purpose of Lady O,
that is to protect our plants, animals, us, our islands, our country and the world from the harmful rays of the sun. My family is trying to do our part in helping the ozone from more depletion so that we can enjoy the beauty that is called Aitutaki as shown in the picture of Honeymoon. If we don’t do our part we will continue to have more natural disasters,
more coral bleaching and so forth that can only be a very sad future for my, yours and our children. Which brings us to the third photo of my students holding hands which can have so many meanings. But for this purpose of saving the Ozone layer, the message there is that we need to stand together and do our part to help save Lady O, so that she can protect our plants, animals, you and me from living in a world that is
dying daily. So like my students taking that dive into the sea, we individually or as a family can take our stand on the side of working towards a sustainable future by make the right choices small or big and act upon it which will in turn from action into a habit and that habit will become a character and that character a way of life.


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