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Vienna, Montreal and Kagali Project: Cool Ozone Ai



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Vienna, Montreal, and Kigali are working together on the ozone site to prevent the consequences of depletion of the ozone layer and heal it as the defense mechanism of the planet of Earth. Due to human beings being part of nature, they come up in planning, designing, and constructing high elevated concern ordinances, memorandum, protocols, and implementation. It is a solution that will give hope and strength to the ozone layer of the earth. As it takes to the highest achievement, actions, and benefits it has, it always looks down on where human beings came from, which is from nature. Nature provides breath, food, shelter, and livelihood. It will become accessible to everyone, therefore, anyone will be informed and educated about what is happening today on our earth. Especially, last few days, the scientists in whole world are calling the attention of all citizens to take care of our nature if people fail to nurture it for about 2-5 years, the life in this world will have vanished. Furthermore, those three systems united with citizens, they come up to have a Cold Ozone Air Balloon.
This project will shine and fly upon the sky. It will inform, navigate and persuade. The peaceful approach in analyzing the site of ozone. Part by part, it will explain to human beings how the ozone layer is important in our life. It will showcase the achievement, actions, and benefits of ozone layer protection and climate change attributed to the 3 systems (Vienna, Montreal, and Kigali). Followed also with Implications/consequences of the depletion of the ozone layer, the impact of the actions undertaken, the relationship of the ozone layer and climate protection activities under the Montreal Protocol especially the Kigali Amendment with the climate change, women’s role and contribution to the ozone layer and climate protection, and the good practices in the installing, servicing, maintaining, and disposing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to best serve the ozone layer and climate protection mission. This project integrated also the keeping food and vaccines cool connection.
Let us breathe and live by nurturing our nature. Protect our defense mechanism.


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