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Applicant Name:

Hyunhee Kim

Title of Artwork:

The History of Ozone Layer Protection at a Glance


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

The contents of the Vienna Convention, the Montreal Protocol, and the Kigali Amendment can be checked at a glance over time. The current status of ozone layer destructive substances was added in 2007 to show the results of the Montreal Protocol. In addition, the Earth is drawn below it to express the state of the ozone layer according to the time in color. An arrow was drawn to reflect and absorb harmful ultraviolet rays from the atmosphere to inform the location and role of the stratosphere ozone layer.It depicts the ozone layer destroyed by harmful substances before and after the 1985 Vienna Convention, the reduction of CFCs after the Montreal Protocol, pollution caused by HFCs as a substitute for CFCs, and the Kigali Amendment expresses HFCs. Finally, the theme of 2021 Ozone Layer Protection Day, "Keeping us, our food and vacances cool," is drawn on the right side in the shape of 2021.


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