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Applicant Name:

Hyejin Jung

Title of Artwork:

Just as a day brings together great strength,


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

I wanted to create a graphic design that would alert people who think, "If the ozone layer is destroyed, the ice melts and the climate, it's not good for people." And on September 16th, designated as Ozone Layer Protection Day, I wanted to show the color of green gradually as if the paint were spreading on paper from the effort of the day, combining it with the element of the calendar. Like the title "As a Day Comes Together to Be a Great Power," I want to show you through this graphic design that many countries of the United Nations are already working together around the world and that a day that we think is a day can have a big impact on our lives in the future. We hope for a planet that is becoming healthier through our efforts, not an increasingly climate-threatening one.


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