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Applicant Name:

Sesali Chanudima Kariyawasam

Title of Artwork:

Let's save the ozone layer in the beautiful world



Artwork Description

This world is a world of colour. World's rivers, waterfalls, seas, forest animals, birds, people live in a beautiful world. These kids are just as hardworking to care for in this beautiful world. There are different nations in the world. All they do is strive to save this world. Then the sun will not send us harmful sun rays. The ozone layer protects us. We need to plant trees to protect the ozone layer. We need to cultivate the forest and protect the animals. The waterfalls are so beautiful. These need to be protected. These are all things that belong to nature. These were sent to make the world beautiful. Even though the big ones make the world ugly and destroy the ozone layer, the little babies who represent these different races make the world beautiful. They want the world to be like this. It is the beautiful world in their hearts that they draw and paint. The trees are planted. Showing off the beauty. Then the ozone layer is automatically protected. Everyone is happy like paradise. Let's save the ozone layer n the beautiful world.


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