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Applicant Name:

Chia Xuan Lei

Title of Artwork:

Our Atmosphere and Ozone Layer



Artwork Description

The ozone layer is one of the biggest topics of discussion this past decade; an integral piece of our atmosphere that helps protect our planet from the intense UV rays of the sun. In this image, the clouds look like they swirl over the mosque, leaving a gap for the light to shine through on an otherwise gloomy sky. A fitting atmosphere for a location of great religious significance. As society progresses and new technologies are being developed, the damage to the ozone layer has significantly risen due to these industrial activities. Despite all of this however, not nearly enough is being done to protect our precious ozone layer, and whilst scientists have been begging for a greater change in our lifestyles to better protect and care for it, arguably no one has really put it at the forefront of their minds. Why should we take for granted the planet that gave us a home? The planet that gives us hospitality yet we do nothing in return, why should we, the present generation, burden our future generations that live on this earth by making their time spent on this planet more and more unbearable by our negligence towards it's natural order, and ask our future descendants to deal with the consequences of our actions right now. As a society, and the leading inhabitants of this earth, we should all strive to give it the same care as it does for us. As the world gets more and more burdened by our careless deeds, we must take action and ensure a healther ozone, and thus, healthier planet for our future and our children's future


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