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Applicant Name:

K.V. Janudi Disara

Title of Artwork:

Let's protect the ozone layer


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

The left side represents the world where the ozone layer is protected and the right side shows the world where the ozone layer is not protected. The umbrella raised by a human hand on the left shows the ozone layer, while the umbrella on the right is trampled by a human foot. It shows that man himself saves and destroys the ozone layer. The symbols on the left umbrella show what can be done to protect the ozone layer.It also shows a well-grown tree as a result of conserving the ozone layer in the globe and showing that the ozone layer must be preserved for future generations from a young child. The symbols on the globe on the right show how the ozone layer is being damaged. The withered tree in the globe, the cracked earth, the symbol of the sick, the effects of damaging the ozone layer.


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