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Applicant Name:

HwaSeung Lim

Title of Artwork:

Greedy tree



Artwork Description

As of 2021, global climate change continues to warm the Earth's surface due to the destruction of the ozone layer and greenhouse gases. Recently, Antarctica has been experiencing side effects such as desertification, acid rain, and rising sea levels due to global warming. For me, who was vaguely thinking, "How can I protect nature?" The photo taken in Sapporo came as a very contrasting feeling to the current situation in Antarctica. Antarctica is gradually disappearing, but I was grateful that such a beautiful place still exists, and I also thought that I should work hard to preserve global warming and nature. To take pictures, I traveled to many countries, but it was the only place where I could see a lot of snow and trees. While taking this picture, I hope that the combination of beautiful eyes and trees waiting to take charge of the next winter without greed will be watched with awareness as a viewer. I would appreciate it if you could see the gifts from heaven, the roots of the earth growing.


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