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Applicant Name:

LIM Keamean

Title of Artwork:

Ozone for Environment


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

he Ozone layer is a natural layer of gas in the upper
atmosphere that protects humans and other living lives from
harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.
This art reflects the advantages of the Ozone layer and the
disadvantages of Ozone depletion.
The benefits of the Ozone layer are:
- Great protection for us from Sun rays
- Save animals from extinction
- Crops grow well
- Keep the world healthy
- Reduce natural disasters
- Global Warming and climate changes prevention
- Create regular weathers
and provide people and animals of all kinds with safe natural
Due to the greed and progress of the industry, the needs and
activities of living, Our people these days are destroying the Ozone
layer. These activities include:
- Use of refrigerators and air conditioners using chemicals
- Spray products containing chemicals (CFCs)
- Emissions from industrial plants
- Greenhouse gases and fossil fuels emissions
- Oil and petrol engines emissions
- Air pollution
- Deforestation, etc., leads to high potential for heat and damage to
the Ozone layer day by day, leading to more UV rays reaching the
Earth. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful for lives on Earth
because it damages and destroys important biological molecules
such as DNA. If the UV rays reach the planet more strongly, it will
cause serious harm to all lives on Earth, such as:
- Skin Ailments
- Eye contacts
- Destruction of animal life
- Disturbed plant life-cycles
- Causing a shortage of food supply
And lead to more people suffering from Cataract, cancer, allergies
and some other infectious disease.
To protect the ozone layer from depletion, we need to plant
more trees, reduce the use of HCFCs and CFCs emitted into the
atmosphere by reducing air conditioners, refrigerators, pesticides,
Beauty sprays, reduces the use of vehicles that emit CO2, reduces
other chemicals such as nitrogen monoxide, etc., and cleans the
Therefore, all of us in the world must take action to protect the
environment, plant trees to protect the ozone layer for all of us.


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