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Applicant Name:

Jeongwoo Lim

Title of Artwork:

Montreal Protocol, before and after that


Graphic Design

Artwork Description

I represented HFC, which is not only a destructive material of the ozone layer, but also a powerful greenhouse gas, as if it were a bad boy. I drew the character in a fun way so that the general public could approach the topic without resistance. The screen is divided in half, and on the left, before the Montreal Protocol was adopted in 1987, and on the right, after it was adopted, so that the size of the HFC villains was contrasted. Inspired by pop art, I drew a black border and used three primary colors often. Each element stood out through a strong, contrasting color. In the upper part of the two scenes, we used panels to visualize what happens if the ozone layer is destroyed, and how various countries work together.


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